Friday, April 29, 2022

[theqoo] Kang Daniel's Instagram Reel Update (Dance Video)

His song 'Ready to Ride' from Universe has been released! The choreo is killer too, so I'll let you guys know when the full MV is out.

5. I want to see a lot of Kang Daniel dancing.

6. Ah, I love this kind of dance atmosphere ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. Wow, my heart raced whenever the choreo was shown in the MV, but seeing this, I love it even more.

10. Whenever I see Kang Daniel, it seems like his steps are always so smooth.

13. This is it!!

26. The dance is so cool. Why is there no stages for this ㅜㅜ

28. His steps are crazy, he's so good at dancing.

37. He suits this kind of vibe well. He dances well, seriously.

45. Please give a dance practice in 4K ㅠ

58. Dancing Kang Daniel is the best.

76. Go on music shows with this.

82. Heok, the song and choreo is totally my style.

89. How does it feel to be able to move your body the way you want it too.. ㅋㅋㅋ He dances well.

90. Wow, the later half is really so cool.

92. His dancing is really clean, without any frivolous exaggerations. It's exactly like his personality.

101. Wow. There's really not full version of this? Let me watch too.

102. I want to see a proper dance practice for this. His control and steps are so good.

110. I want to see this big and clearly.

112. His dancing is really clean, but he has groove too. And that stability(?) that comes from his physique, it has power too.

122. The choreo itself is not on the easy side, but it's fascinating how Kang Daniel dances so lightly and easily.

141. I really love this so much. Hoping for a front view one too.

155. Ha, HD full video please.

165. He suits this style of song and dance. I want to see a dance practice for this.

197. For every one of Kang Daniel's dances, both a vertical and full stage cam absolutely need to be given. If not, it's criminal. So, hurry and give it in HD.

203. As expected, he's really good at playing a game of push-and-pull with dance.

237. His limbs are long so it's refreshing, and his core is well placed so it's so stable ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He really is so good.

257. I've been interested in him since watching his drama, but you look so unfamiliar, Seunghyun-ah ㅜㅜ Kang Daniel is cool and so good.

258. I remember his Grammy performance from before because I liked it, and this is really good too. Since it's a practice video, it's so free, and the groovy dance is my style. He dances well, as expected.