Saturday, June 18, 2022

[thqoo] Kang Daniel's Parade Performance On Today's The Kelly Clarkson Show

5. Crazy, it's amazing. I love it so much, the fireworks are amazing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. So cool. Watching this, it makes me want Parade music shows even more.

31. I love this song the most ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

44. Oh, so cool. He invests a lot into his stages.

56. Wow, look at the scale, it's amazing.

57. The dance is so unique ㅎㅎ His limbs are so long.

75. It's crazy how it's real and not CG. Kang Daniel's voice is daebak.

79. His velvet suit is crazy, he looks so good in it.

91. Wow, his ability to express himself is really good. So cool.

106. What's up with the scale of it all. The song is so good.

123. The scale of the stage is incredible, and his face and physique are incredible too. Wow.

126. The song, choreo and stage - it's all perfectly Kang Daniel.

128. Kelly?? Wow, amazing. I knew his physique is good, but his limbs really are so long.

150. His stage, dance and physique are all crazy.

163. Daebak~ Look at the choreo. He's really good at performing.

170. When was this filmed?? There were fireworks at Han River a little while ago, was that this?

176. Wow, it's not CG, but actual fireworks at Han River? The scale is daebak. The song is good, and the dance is interesting too - so cool.

180. Look at the scale. His limbs are so long that the choreo is refreshing, and the stage is so good.

181. I like the part of the choreo where it looks like he's opening a champagne bottle ㅋㅋㅋ It's my first time listening to it, but the song is good ㅋㅋ

209. Wow, the song is catchy and the choreo is good.

232. Wow, so cool. It's a shame that there weren't any music shows for this song, but this is so good.

249. His choreos are always really good.

251. His limbs are long, but he dances so well that it really draws your attention.

308. Heol, I think I saw those fireworks.

321. Hearing the song again, I still really like it. "So what if we're different from others? What does it matter?" - this part makes me choke up a bit.

324. Oh, the scale is daebak. The song is good, and his suit fit, wow it's just crazy.

327. The choreo is unique and cool, but since it's being done with Kang Daniel's physique, it's even cooler. He's so long..ㅋㅋㅋ The stage is cool.

378. Oh, the song, performance and atmosphere too, it's all so my style. Love it.

383. Oh, what's up with the scale. The song is catchy, and the performance is daebak. As expected, it's all about the stages for him. Kang Daniel is going on his own path well, and he's doing well now, but I hope things go even better for him.

422. Watching him, he really is sincere about his performances. It's just one stage, but he gives it his all. I'm rooting for him!!

452. It's my first time hearing this, but the song and choreo were picked really well.. And the performance is cool too.

455. Thank you for leaving such an amazing Parade performance ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

470. The choreo is great too, but I never knew his vocal colour is this nice, so I listened to his other songs too... Since I like vocals that really show off their clear distinctive colour, he has a lot of songs that I like. The song Moment is totally my style. It made my heart ache a bit. For this song too, I think it sounds more charming through the stage. Love it.

485. His physique really is amazing. The song is catchy, and the scale of the stage is surprising. I'm rooting for him to go onto even bigger stages.

495. Rather than the standard Kpop style, he seems to be developing his own style that he likes. I'm looking forward to his future.

497. The performance is cool. The song and his vocals too, it's my style. I like how Kang Daniel always seems to think a lot about his stages. He shows a lot that hasn't been seen.

498. Listening to his full album, I felt a lot of things. I hope he continues to grow well, just like he is right now.

501. So cool. When I first became a fan even just 5 years ago, I didn't know that I'd be crying as I listened to a Kang Daniel song. Go listen to Moment.